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Welcome to my site! While you are here you can learn a little more about me, potentially find my resume (or at least my LinkedIn), see what events I’ll be attending/speaking at, read my blog that I’m trying to get better at updating and find out what is on my mind (fair warning - it can be a scary, crazy place)!


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My life changed when I was introduced to a gamified version of STEM. It was easy to understand, fun, eliminated barriers, and hell, I didn’t even realize all of the valuable skills I was learning. I want to help students (especially girls) of all ages get the mentorship, resources, and opportunities they deserve to better understand how the world works and all that they can accomplish.

Developer Advocacy

Until I started working at Microsoft, I didn’t realize how much our every day lives really do rely on software developers and their amazing creations. Because of this, I make it my mission to advocate for developers needs amongst engineering teams, product designers, marketing and more. Let’s continue to help empower those that can help empower so many others!

Organizational Behavior

Throughout life I always had an uncanny understanding of why people felt a certain way or why they did the thing they did. During my undergrad I was introduced to organizational behavior and change management and my mind was blown. I ended up focusing much of my masters degree on organizational behavior and I honestly believe it’s one of the most underrated subjects.

Inclusive design

When I started at Microsoft right out of school, I couldn’t believe that they were letting me design user facing software right off the bat. It was overwhelming but exciting. I hadn’t previously thought about how important the placement of a button was or the number of clicks the user had to make were, but alas here we are. One day, I went to a session about accessible and inclusive design and my mind was blown, yet again. Now I question color ratios and tab-stops on top of the number of clicks because to make the best products and programs, we need to design for everyone in mind.

Diversity and inclusion

Diverse and inclusive teams can make or break a company; I completely believe that. Everyone has something different to bring to the table and it makes our teams, products, companies, and world a better place.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

WPI gave me four of the best years of my life. Their commitment to well-rounded students, theory and practice in every class, project based learning, and their strong sense of community helped make me who I am today. I try to stay connected by recruiting at the career fairs on campus and by participating in the Women’s Impact Network (WIN) Leadership Committee.


I’m a dog mom through and through. My puppers are like my children and I don’t know what I’d do without their warm snuggles, wiggling tails, and sassy personalities. And yes, they have an Instagram… We are those dog parents.


I’m a huge geek. I love nerdy jokes, bad puns, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Marvel movies, Doctor Who, reading about new technologies, and playing board games just to name a few thing.



Are you looking for speakers for your upcoming event? Great! Please reach out to me and let’s chat. I love meeting new people, sharing ideas, and having healthy discussions.

About me

Park City, UT raised.

Worcester, MA educated.

Seattle, WA techie.

I feel in love with STEM in 5th grade during my 3 hour tenure commanding the starship Voyager. From there my passion for science, exploration, experimentation, gamification, STEM education, space, and computers grew and grew. It started with me saving my babysitting money to buy Star Trek Voyager and then Battlestar Galactica and later turned into me saving my food/retail job money to buy a Raspberry Pi and my first Dell Inspiron laptop. Truth is, I never intended to work in tech, much less at Microsoft. I never thought I was smart enough or technical enough. Truth is, a lot of days I still feel that way. But the other truth is, I love what I do. I’m a proud geek. And that is that.

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